Let’s Click on Ads

28 Jan

A lot of people online say they hate ads on the internet. They never click them, they use adblock and make sure to never, ever, ever see an ad. And certainly if they did see an ad somehow, they would never, ever click that ad.

Hate to break it to you, but we’re atypical. Most internet users do see ads. And some of them even click the ads! Shocking. I don’t really mind ads. I consider them the price I pay to receive great content for free. I’ve been on the other side of the equation and depended on ad revenue to keep my sites up. I value the fact that we not only get web content for free, but we also get television and radio for free and have for decades. All supported via advertising.

Not only do I see ads, I sometimes enjoy them. I sometimes click them or purchase something I found out about via ads. I thought it would be interesting in 2014 to really embrace advertising more. To not make them peripherial to my internet experience, but to make them central. To give ads importance, interact with them – click and buy from them.

I’m going to click 12 ads in 2014 and purchase from them. I see ads all the time and often don’t give them a second thought. While other times I’ve clicked and purchased things without really paying much attention. I thought I’d turn myself into that mythical unicorn – the person who mindfully, purposefully clicks on ads online and spends money.

Below is a list of ads I’ve clicked on and my write up on the results:

January 2014 – Plated



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