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Protein Shake Recipe

2 Sep
I’m on a lot of diet, fitness and health forums and follow a ton of blogs about those topics. I’m also an anti-aging fanatic. It’s probably one of my top hobbies. I love learning about techniques to delay aging and improve physical health. Hacking your body through diet, exercise and what you consume is fascinating to me. One of the reasons I love it so much is because I’ve been able to see and feel results that make me feel like it’s working.


Protein is a really common topic on the forums I read. There are questions about how much to get, when to consume it, what forms to use, etc. I find myself posting my protein shake recipe all the time for people who are looking to start on a shake to help increase their protein intake.


 The protein powder I use is called Syntrax Nectar Sweets Vanilla Bean Torte. It has no sugar, no carbs, no fat. 1 scoop contains 24g of protein. It mixes extremely well in the blender and gets smooth without chunky protein globs left in the mix.


If you’re unsure about buying a giant 2 pound tub of protein powder, you’re not alone! Go to Vitamin Shoppe and you’ll see single serving packets of this exact flavor for you to try. Grab a few, they’re usually around $1.50 each and see if you like it. Those packets contain the equivalent of one scoop.


My recipe includes:
5oz of whole milk
1 scoop protein powder
3 frozen strawberries
2 large ice cubes


Blend in blender (Vitamix is the best) until it’s a milkshake consistency.




Now I’ll breakdown the tips and caveats of my ingredient choices.


I use whole milk. It’s what I prefer and what I’m used to. I’m also only using 5oz, so I don’t even think twice about using it. You can use almond milk, soy milk, rice milk or any other kind of milk you prefer. You can even use water, though I can’t imagine that tastes very good.


The protein powder I use has a very light vanilla taste, I barely notice it. It also does not have that cloying sweetness or a fake sweet aftertaste like a lot of fake sugar products I’ve tried. It uses sucralose for sweetness.


The Navitas Naturals Superfruit is something I’m trying out. It’s ok and has a vague fruity taste from the pomegranate in it. I love antioxidants and it only has a minimal taste. It’s pricey though, so don’t bother with it if you’re cost conscious.


I add in 2-3 large frozen strawberries for a little flavor when I get sick of the vanilla. You could add any fruit in you like, but I’ve found that 2 frozen strawberries is plenty of flavor and color.


I use frozen for the same reason I use ice cubes – the consistency and texture is better with a few frozen things added in. Also, if you use a Vitamix blender, the raw beastly power of the machine will add a little heat to the contents of the blender, so adding some ice keeps it cool.


I drink one of these every morning and am really happy with it as a breakfast substitute.



Small print: I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or dietician, although I see them regularly and they’ve all cleared this as being appropriate for me. It might not be appropriate for you. This works for me and could work for you. But maybe it won’t. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Phishing Protip: Don’t Send to All

7 Jun

I got the below email today. Phishing is a problem, obviously, but it also tends to provide a lot of entertainment value to information security professionals. There are lots of fun little tricks that Phishers use in their emails. They hope to get you to click on their links and then send you to a site where you’ll put in your username and passwords. It’s fun to see how creative and how stupid they can get. It’s also interesting to see how little effort a lot of them put into their attempts.




This email is obviously phishing because it is sent to undisclosed-recipients:; and American Express would refer to me as “Dear Sherrod DeGrippo,” not “Dear customer.” The bad grammar and randomly capitalized letters are another give away. An appeal to “secure online service against any fraudulent attempt,” is pretty funny too.

Looking at the mail headers is funny too. Because this was in my spam folder and was actually marked spam due to my low spamscore threshold. It got marked as spam not for phishing, but for forging the MUA. Adorable.


But as with all phishing, the biggest give away is that the email doesn’t link to, but to something completely unrelated. I’m also pretty sure that AmEx prefers really showy, ridiculously fancy html emails, not just a single logo at the top.

If you want to be transported back to the early 2000s and take a quick Phishing proficiency quiz, SonicWALL has one that is pretty cute.

Change Reddit From Terrible to Delightful

29 May

I admit to browsing reddit occasionally. It’s that perfect “waiting in line” use case for the iPhone. It’s a good flow of a certain subset of current events and obviously full of “viral” content every day.

Unfortunately reddit is also full of lots of terrible content and terrible comments from terrible users. It’s not 100% awful, but there is so much there that is crap, it can be discouraging.

You can completely change your reddit experience with these five steps:


  1. Create a reddit account.
  2. Log in to reddit.
  3. Open your reddit account and click my reddits.
  4. Unsubscribe from all subreddits by clicking the red “unsubscribe” button.
  5. Add the following subreddits by clicking the green “subscribe” button:

You’re done! Now reddit will be great and you’ll enjoy it immensely.