I can’t sit still. I have a demanding full time job. On top of that I’m always working on something in addition to my over active social life, canine caretaker responsibilities and trying to travel as much as I can. Most people in information security aren’t just doing it 9-5, we’re thinking about it all the time, socializing with others in our industry and eating up news of breaches like other people view the sports pages. There’s nothing more fun than doing incident response Monday morning quarterbacking with a group of friends.

But because I have an abundance of energy, I have to funnel it into even more projects. My main current projects are

Digital Love Atlanta
I am the Executive Director of Digital Love Atlanta,  a non-profit organization focused on improving the local community through the use of cutting edge technology. Currently we’re working on two main initiatives within the city of Atlanta  – vertical urban farming and free wifi connectivity in public spaces. Please feel free to reach out if you’re interested in joining us!

I love anti-aging, skincare and makeup. That’s why I started Glamodo – a social sharing site that allows users to upload reviews, tutorials and images of their favorite products or techniques. You can follow me by clicking follow on my Glamodo profile. Every user who signs up and creates a valid account receives free samples of makeup and skincare via mail.

Blue Key Studio
Blue Key Studio is an ecommerce store filled with my favorite home decor, lighting and furniture finds. I opened the store in 2010 and have really enjoyed running a creative outlet for my love of interior design. I also love meeting and interacting with the design blog community.