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Today He Conversed With Me

14 Jun

The nice Italian gentleman at “Today I Conversed With” did an interview with me a few days ago. It’s up on his site now. We mostly cover things like internet culture, the future of social media security and the Semantic Web.


What future is waiting us, in your own opinion? Will be take measures to increase the security of our data or not?

I think that security measures will slowly improve, while tactics for unauthorized access improve as well. It’s an arms race. There is a lot more work that needs to be done, but that’s ok. There are a lot of really smart people working on these problems.


Feel free to read the whole thing on the Today I Conversed With site.

Interview From the Portland Mercury

30 Sep

This bit with me from the Portland Mercury is sort of controversial. I admit to knowingly inciting an internet riot when I said “cats are out, dogs are in,” in reference to internet culture. I stand by it  though. Dogs are just better. The faces they make are funnier and they’re more comfortable in front of the camera.

That wasn’t really the point of the piece though. It talks more about my experience with community management and how I’ve seen user participation on the web evolve over so many years.


“I think it’s really, really hard to keep user-generated content high quality while also not devolving into a walled garden where people are afraid to contribute because they don’t want to deal with being bulldozed by others who are obsessed with rules,”


I think this is so true and wikipedia has already admitted as much. Contributors to user-generated sites are hitting a point of fatigue. Simply because there is so much to catalog and such a huge amount of pushback from other users.